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vid corn off cob

Thursday, August 7, 201408/07/2014

VIDEO: Easy corn off the cob

Facebook use TK Brenner has an ingenious way of cutting corn off the cob using a power drill, of course.

vid bear walking

Thursday, August 7, 201408/07/2014

VIDEO: Bear or human?

Some folks think that this isn’t a real bear, while the fellow that took the video says he thinks the…

Miranda Lambert performing live in concert

Wednesday, August 6, 201408/06/2014

Miranda’s welcome sign vandalized

Miranda Lambert got a new look from someone on the welcome sign for her hometown in Lindale, TX.  Here’s the link…

vid cub scares dog

Wednesday, August 6, 201408/06/2014

VIDEO: Lion cub scares dog

Lion cub sneaks up to unsuspecting dog and gives him a big fright. Filmed at Cornellskop Animal Training Farm, Bot…

vid seal on surfboard

Wednesday, August 6, 201408/06/2014

VIDEO: Seal catches a wave

Well at least he tries surfing or maybe he’s just taking a break on the board.  Whatever he’s doing, he…

vid cooper shihtzu

Wednesday, August 6, 201408/06/2014

VIDEO: Cooper the Shih tzu’s trick

This puppy knows how to stick out his tongue on command.  Sounds silly yes, but doggone it, it’s the cutest…

vid baby deer lineman

Tuesday, August 5, 201408/05/2014

VIDEO: Baby deer loves belly rubs

These KY lineman were clearing land around utility poles when they found this fawn tangled in some thorns.  He was pretty…

vid kid steals show at fair

Tuesday, August 5, 201408/05/2014

VIDEO: Boy steals show in interview

Noah is a natural when it comes to tv reporting and he steals the show while talking about the county…

vid can't live like this

Tuesday, August 5, 201408/05/2014

VIDEO: “I can’t live like this” said the 2 year old

That’s a line from Disney’s “Frozen” but to hear a 2 year old say it with such emotion is funny. …


Tuesday, August 5, 201408/05/2014

VIDEO: Taylor Swift visits children’s hospital

Taylor’s visit with Jordan at Boston’s Children’s Hospital leads to a great duet and some dancing!

Entertainment News

in Entertainment

‘Empire’ creators face lawsuit over Cookie


Sophia Eggleston, of Detroit, Michigan has filed a $300 million lawsuit claiming the show's central character Cookie, played by Taraji P. Henson, is so similar to her that creator Lee Daniels must have used her as his muse.

in Entertainment

Robert Downey, Jr. is laughing all the way to the bank


The "Iron Man" star is once again Hollywood's highest paid man.

in Entertainment

‘Dungeons & Dragons’ coming to the big screen


Warner Brothers says the popular fantasy role-playing game is being converted into a feature film.

in Entertainment

Love is not dead: Will and Jada aren’t divorcing


"Men in Black" star Will Smith took the unusual step of publicly shooting down a report that he and his actress wife of 17 years had decided to divorce.

in Music, Entertainment

Gwen and Gavin are calling it quits


Is "The Voice" ruining marriages?