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Monday, October 6, 201410/06/2014

VIDEO: Replay Museum in FL

This may be your opportunity to show your kids how you spent many an afternoon and quarter at the arcade. …


Monday, October 6, 201410/06/2014

VIDEO: 90 degree push up????

Yep and this little dude and his brother are into body building and gymnastics.  Plus, doing some Guinness Book of World…


Monday, October 6, 201410/06/2014

Another Duggar wedding invitation

You can get a look at the Jessa Duggar and Ben Seawald wedding invitation at the link here.  They’re so…


Monday, October 6, 201410/06/2014

VIDEO: “O Canada” face plant

Mark Donnelly trips over the Ceremonial Carpet At center ice during the singing of O Canada at a Penticton VEES…

Taylor Swift At LAX

Monday, October 6, 201410/06/2014

Taylor Swift’s model cat

Evidently, Taylor’s latest edition to her family, Olivia Benson, is helping model the new Keds in the TS line.  Check…


Thursday, October 2, 201410/02/2014

VIDEO: Girl missing for 12 yrs found in Mexico

A Texas girl reported kidnapped 12 years ago was found near Mexico City with her mother after authorities received a…


Thursday, October 2, 201410/02/2014

VIDEO: Tampa news reporter finds missing boy

A reporter is on location to cover the missing child story when he finds 10 year old in some bushes in the area. …


Thursday, October 2, 201410/02/2014

VIDEO: Awkward bridesmaid photos

Really?  This is how you want to remember the big day?  Interesting.


Wednesday, October 1, 201410/01/2014

VIDEO: Daily dose of disgustingly cute

Most cats are terrified of the vacuum and at best may make a ninja run fleeting attack but this is…

bacon in pan

Wednesday, October 1, 201410/01/2014

8,000 calorie breakfast could pay off

A cafe in the UK pays out cash if you finish this super breakfast.  It includes:  eight sausages, eight slices…

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