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vid train ladies

Wednesday, July 30, 201407/30/2014

VIDEO: Women survive on railroad tracks

Two Indiana women managed to survive an encounter with an oncoming train on a bridge by laying down in the center…

vid sadie brother

Wednesday, July 30, 201407/30/2014

VIDEO: Sister doesn’t want baby brother to grow

Little 5 year old Sadie is upset when she discovers her brother won’t stay a baby forever.

vid 15 month old rockstar

Friday, July 25, 201407/25/2014

VIDEO: 15 Month Old Rockstar

He’s sure having a great time getting the crowd warmed up at this boys camp.

vid whales and kayak

Wednesday, July 23, 201407/23/2014

VIDEO: Whale of a tale to tell

Kayakers sometimes get up close to whales but then there’s too close for comfort.  This makes for a great story…

vid rapper

Tuesday, July 15, 201407/15/2014

VIDEO: When you got to go…

You got to go.  A potty break didn’t stop this rapper.

vid cat people

Wednesday, July 2, 201407/02/2014

VIDEO: Don’t act like your cat

People will think you’re weird.  Here’s a few things that your cat does that would be creepy if you did…

vid belly flops

Wednesday, July 2, 201407/02/2014

VIDEO: More summer fun with belly flops!

No summer time watering hole activity would be complete without some awesome belly flops!  However, most of these look painful.

vid trooper

Tuesday, July 1, 201407/01/2014

VIDEO: State Trooper pulled over by trucker

Illinois State Police officer is pulled over by a truck driver honking his horn and told he was not driving…

vid dog ring

Tuesday, July 1, 201407/01/2014

VIDEO: Dog returns wedding ring, guess how

A Wisconsin woman found her wedding ring that she lost five years ago and it turned up in the most…


Tuesday, July 1, 201407/01/2014

VIDEO: Kenny Chesney’s “American Kids”

Loving the new KC and here’s the video.

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