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Thursday, March 19, 201503/19/2015

Penny’s Picks for NCAA Champs

Penny Cat decides who’ll be champs from Bailey’s bracket. Here’s another test.


Thursday, March 19, 201503/19/2015

Jimmy Kimmel and Matthew McConaughey make a local TV ad

Before a trip to Austin, Jimmy posted a tweet asking for any local business that might want him to help…


Wednesday, March 18, 201503/18/2015

GOOD NEWS: TN waitress gets a great, meaningful tip

The 25-year-old was working a double shift for her job at local burger joint, Mac’s Grub Shak, when something amazing…


Tuesday, March 17, 201503/17/2015

The Voice funniest moment ever!

Bailey thinks this is by far the best Battle Round decision ever on The Voice. The decision discussion begins about…


Tuesday, March 17, 201503/17/2015

Daily Dose of Disgustingly Cute

It doesn’t get much better than Dachshund’s playing hockey.


Monday, March 16, 201503/16/2015

EPIC: Toilet Paper Prank on Howie Mandel

At least Howie was a good sport about it all, but that’s going to involve some massive clean up.


Thursday, March 12, 201503/12/2015

“EWW” A Wedding Kiss Interrupted

You can hear the faint disapproval of a child at the wedding when the couple has their kiss. But they…


Thursday, March 12, 201503/12/2015

Princess Rap Battle – Cinderella (Sarah Michelle Gellar) vs. Belle (Whitney Avalon)

Sarah Michelle Gellar is in the latest “Princess Rap Battle” video on YouTube . . . and she’s actually got…


Thursday, March 12, 201503/12/2015

#Repeat After Me has Tim McGraw seeing double

Too funny when Tim McGraw has to convince a nurse he’s having eye problems on a recent episode of Repeat…


Wednesday, March 11, 201503/11/2015

SNEAK PEAK: “Tomorrowland” with Tim McGraw & George Clooney

Looks really good. And who doesn’t love a movie with McGraw and Clooney! It’s out May 22nd.

Entertainment News

in Entertainment

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans launch petition to bring ‘McDreamy’ back


One superfan claims she isn't sleeping or eating because she is so distraught over the death of Patrick Dempsey's character.

in Entertainment

New Video Game Hall of Fame to reveal finalists


The finalists for the inaugural class of the museum will be announced on Tuesday.

in Entertainment

Unauthorized ‘Full House’ story to hit the small screen


The made-for-TV movie will give fans a behind-the-scenes look at what happened while the cast filmed the hit show from 1987 to 1995.

in Entertainment

‘The Osbournes’ aren’t coming back to TV


VH1 was planning to revive the docu-series featuring Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his eccentric family.

in Entertainment

Amy Adams set to marry this weekend


The "American Hustle" star has been engaged to actor Darren Le Gallo, the father of her four-year-old daughter Aviana, since 2008.