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Thursday, September 18, 201409/18/2014

VIDEO: Kid makes $1.3M testing toys

His name is Evan and he’s on YouTube testing toys and making money!  That’s a dream job at any age.

Thursday, September 18, 201409/18/2014

Sonic’s Top Skater APSU Student

Kaylee Jones 20, from Pleasant View couldn’t even skate before working at Sonic and now she’s Sonic’s top skater!  Here’s…


Wednesday, September 17, 201409/17/2014

VIDEO: The Voice Season 7 The Standoff

There’s a showdown brewing as Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton meet when The Voice season 7…

woman elderly shocked

Wednesday, September 17, 201409/17/2014

PHOTO: Baby on edge of cliff

Evidently these parents thought this would be a great photo op to have their crawling baby on the edge of…


Wednesday, September 17, 201409/17/2014

VIDEO: Brad Paisley shows off his bar

It’s Irish-themed and includes Air Force One glasses.


Tuesday, September 16, 201409/16/2014

VIDEO: Miranda sings to cancer patient at show

You’ll see Miranda grab the hand of the young fan at about 2:37 in the video.  Seven year old Brooke…


Tuesday, September 16, 201409/16/2014

VIDEO: Toddler and cat chase laser pointer

The boy is only trying to help catch the elusive laser dot.  He even has a plan to corner it…


Tuesday, September 16, 201409/16/2014

VIDEO: The quacking cat

When this cat’s owner coughs, this sleeping kitty quacks.  Super cute.  These quacks can best be translated as “shut up,…


Monday, September 15, 201409/15/2014

VIDEO: 3 yr old tells terrible knock-knock jokes

It’s seriously so bad it’s hilarious.  I think we found Fallon’s replacement for the Tonight Show in 30 years.


Monday, September 15, 201409/15/2014

VIDEO: “I Love Lucy” Epic Episode 62 yrs and counting

It was on this date in 1952 that the episode “Lucy in the Candy Factory” first aired.

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This weekend in entertainment history


A walk down Hollywood's memory lane.

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Sarah Jessica Parker heading back to HBO


She will star in a half-hour series called "Divorce."

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Ryan Gosling to star in ‘Blade Runner’ sequel


The "Drive" star is poised to team up with Harrison Ford, who will be reprising his Rick Deckard character.

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Harrison Ford thrills ‘Star Wars’ fans with trailer appearance


The new trailer is the first clip of Ford as Han Solo in 30 years.