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Thursday, July 23, 201507/23/2015

Nico will inspire you

Get the tissues ready.  This kid is awesome and even though this is a commercial, a look into his life…


Tuesday, July 21, 201507/21/2015

One woman speaks her mind to President

Check out what Tomi Lahren had to say to Pres Obama after the latest homeland attack on our military.


Tuesday, July 21, 201507/21/2015

Chris Janson Live at the Opry

“Buy Me a Boat” sounds good anywhere he plays it.


Tuesday, July 21, 201507/21/2015

Diner owner yells at screaming baby

The owner of Marcy’s Diner in Portland, Maine says she doesn’t regret yelling at a crying child despite the bad…


Tuesday, July 21, 201507/21/2015

Woman smashes car window to save toddler

A Merriam, KS woman grabbed whatever she could find to break a window and save a toddler trapped in a sweltering…


Monday, July 20, 201507/20/2015

Taylor Swift’s latest surprise guest…

Sam Hunt!  They sang his “Take Your Time” together at her show in Chicago.


Monday, July 20, 201507/20/2015

Surfer vs. Shark captured on live tv

A world surfing competition had to be cancelled Sunday after one of the surfers was attacked by a shark. Three-time…


Friday, July 17, 201507/17/2015

Gun on remote controlled helicopter

Good creativity of a bad idea.  This fellow attached a hand gun to a remote controlled helicopter.  It’s illegal according…


Friday, July 17, 201507/17/2015

Kelsea Ballerini goes acoustic

Here’s a new acoustic version of “Love Me Like You Mean It” you might want to check out.


Thursday, July 16, 201507/16/2015

Which celebrity did you want to meet?

When you were a kid who was one of your favs?  Bailey wanted to meet Ricky Schroder from “Silver Spoons”…

Entertainment News

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‘Siri, can you give me a hint?’ Apple confirms September event


The rumors are true: Apple will host an event Sept. 9 in San Francisco.

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Netflix drug drama ‘Narcos’ blurs line between cartels, agents


Not all cops are good guys and not all drug suppliers are obvious villains in the dark drug drama "Narcos," a bilingual examination of the history of cocaine smuggling in America and its most menacing supplier.

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The secret to Rob Lowe’s ageless face


The 51-year-old actor will star in a new series this fall, "The Grinder," and still looks as good as ever.

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A new milestone for Facebook


For the first time, a billion people used Facebook in a single day.

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The latest news from the ‘Star Wars’ camp


The young stars of the upcoming movie, "The Force Awakens," talk about their experiences filming with JJ Abrams.