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Tuesday, June 16, 201506/16/2015

Ed Sheeran surprises fan

A 13 year old girl was in a mall singing one of Ed’s songs when he happened to be there…


Tuesday, June 16, 201506/16/2015

Super cute chick

As in baby chicken.  We’ll call this gal the “Chicken Whisperer.”


Monday, June 15, 201506/15/2015

Boeing 787 vertical take off

Well it’s “near” vertical lift off.  JT’s out.  How about you?


Friday, June 12, 201506/12/2015

Best eyewitness to accident

You have to wonder how much of this interview actually made it into the news cast.


Friday, June 12, 201506/12/2015

Making a hot dog with an excavator

This dude has some skills.


Friday, June 12, 201506/12/2015

Sheep freed from fence with a twist

Folks walking in the countryside found a sheep with it’s head stuck in the fence, so they do the right…


Thursday, June 11, 201506/11/2015

McKinney TX – One woman’s opinion

Texas mother, Kisa Jackson delivered a passionate video response to the national furor over a YouTube clip showing a McKinney…


Wednesday, June 10, 201506/10/2015

Plumber pulls what out of the toilet????

That’d be one scary moment when you hear the plumber scream.  Unfortunately, the iguana didn’t make it.


Wednesday, June 10, 201506/10/2015

Guide dog saves owner in traffic

A guide dog in Brewster, New York is being called a hero, after he jumped in front of a mini…


Wednesday, June 10, 201506/10/2015

Daily Dose of Disgustingly Cute

Ever feel like your day is going like this Corgi’s, the prize is just out of reach.

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