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vid police academy

Monday, August 11, 201408/11/2014

VIDEO: “Police Academy” Sound efx guy does Zepplin

Michael Winslow – Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin with a little help from acoustic guitar.  The host is flabbergasted.

vid yo

Monday, August 11, 201408/11/2014

VIDEO: Yo-Yo Champ’s Routine

Wow.  Who knew you could do all that with a yo-yo?

vid baby remote

Monday, August 11, 201408/11/2014

VIDEO: Baby loves remote

A couple noticed their baby goes absolutely NUTS every time they hold the TV remote in front of him. The…

vid clemson scare

Friday, August 8, 201408/08/2014

VIDEO: It’s funny to scare people

To display new equipment and jersey combinations, Clemson Football has three mannequins. When dressed in full gear, QB Cole Stoudt…

vid acdc bluegrass

Thursday, August 7, 201408/07/2014

VIDEO: AC/DC Bluegrass Style

It’s not every day you hear a band from Finland perform a bluegrass version of the AC/DC classic “Thunderstruck“. Even…

vid corn off cob

Thursday, August 7, 201408/07/2014

VIDEO: Easy corn off the cob

Facebook use TK Brenner has an ingenious way of cutting corn off the cob using a power drill, of course.

vid bear walking

Thursday, August 7, 201408/07/2014

VIDEO: Bear or human?

Some folks think that this isn’t a real bear, while the fellow that took the video says he thinks the…

Miranda Lambert performing live in concert

Wednesday, August 6, 201408/06/2014

Miranda’s welcome sign vandalized

Miranda Lambert got a new look from someone on the welcome sign for her hometown in Lindale, TX.  Here’s the link…

vid cub scares dog

Wednesday, August 6, 201408/06/2014

VIDEO: Lion cub scares dog

Lion cub sneaks up to unsuspecting dog and gives him a big fright. Filmed at Cornellskop Animal Training Farm, Bot…

vid seal on surfboard

Wednesday, August 6, 201408/06/2014

VIDEO: Seal catches a wave

Well at least he tries surfing or maybe he’s just taking a break on the board.  Whatever he’s doing, he…

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