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vid men labor

Thursday, May 23, 201305/23/2013

Men experience simulated labor contractions

Do you think they can handle the pain?  These two fellows are hooked up to electrodes that will deliver the…

vid ice wave

Wednesday, May 22, 201305/22/2013

When ICE attacks!

Who knew ice could attack like the Blob from the old horror films?  Check out this video from Minnesota.

brad paisley concert 091112

Tuesday, May 21, 201305/21/2013

Uh-Oh Brad forgot the words…

Brad Paisley forgot the lyrics to “Welcome to the Future” and needed help from the crowd at the State of the…

cat yellow

Tuesday, May 21, 201305/21/2013

Your cat could be King of the Jungle

You can see the photos here.  It’s the latest craze…lion’s manes on house cats.  Now, don’t you want one for…

vid heights

Monday, May 20, 201305/20/2013

Do not watch if heights scare you.

This isn’t as bad as they make it sound just to watch but don’t think I’d be signing up for…

kree kimsey edit

Friday, May 17, 201305/17/2013

American Idol Runner-up KREE!

Here’s Kree with her BFF and our Promotions Director Kimsey at the Idol finale last night in LA.  Sure wish…

vid waitress tip

Friday, May 17, 201305/17/2013

It pays to be nice…

This waitress wasn’t having the best day, but that didn’t keep her from being nice to her customers.  It really…

vid deer bus

Thursday, May 16, 201305/16/2013

Deer Crashes Through Bus Windshield

Poor critter crashing through a windshield then can’t find the exit.  Thankfully, the bus only had the driver and one…

vid seeing eye cat

Thursday, May 16, 201305/16/2013

Blind Dog Gets Seeing-Eye Cat

It’s amazing how God works.  Here’s an unlikely pair, a seeing-eye cat helping a blind dog.

vid motorcycle drags wreck

Wednesday, May 15, 201305/15/2013

Only a broken ankle, REALLY??

The goal is to stay on the bike!  Check out this motorcycle drag race that could have ended in tragedy,…

Entertainment News

in Entertainment

This weekend in entertainment history


A look back on some of Hollywood's most memorable moments.

in Entertainment

TLC cancels ‘Honey Boo Boo’


The hit reality TV show is off the air after allegations family matriarch Mama June is dating a convicted sex offender.

in Entertainment

Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs in new biopic


The "Dark Knight" star will portray the late Apple Computer co-founder.

in Entertainment, Viral Videos

Zack Galifianakis interviews Brad Pitt on ‘Between Two Ferns’


The comic gets in some good digs at the "Fury" star in this hilariously awkward interview that's crashed by Louis C.K.

in Entertainment

‘Breaking Bad’ star: ‘Florida mom messed it up for everyone’


"Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul has blasted bosses at Toys 'R' Us, and started his own petition to get the action figures back on store shelves.