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Monday, September 8, 201409/08/2014

VIDEO: Volcano eruption

The eruption of Mount Tavurvur volcano in Papua New Guinea on August 29th, 2014. Captured by Phil McNamara


Monday, September 8, 201409/08/2014

VIDEO: Dinky the Great Dane, jealous?

Sure does appear that Dinky is not liking his brother getting attention.  Want to see a Great Dane temper tantrum?


Friday, September 5, 201409/05/2014

VIDEO: Giant Spider-Dog surprises people

At night, the mutant spider dog prowls the streets, startling passersby and wrapping up humans in its giant web. Watch…


Thursday, September 4, 201409/04/2014

VIDEO: Dog’s GoPro camera moment

Want to know what it feels like to run with the wind in your hair?  Well, Walter the Lab will…


Wednesday, September 3, 201409/03/2014

VIDEO: Guess who falls off stage AGAIN??

Yes, it’s Luke Bryan!  For the 3rd time this year he accidentally stage dives into the crowd.  At least he…


Friday, August 29, 201408/29/2014

VIDEO: Taylor’s outtakes from “Shake It Off”


Thursday, August 28, 201408/28/2014

VIDEO: Diamond Cutters “Shake It Off”

The Diamond Cutters, the Durham Bulls’ world famous dancing grounds crew, get down to Taylor Swift’s new chart-topping single “Shake…


Thursday, August 28, 201408/28/2014

VIDEO: Scotty McCreery’s ICE F-150 Challenge

This is taking the Ice Bucket Challenge for #ALS to a whole new level.


Thursday, August 28, 201408/28/2014

VIDEO: Kids react to rotary phone

Do rotary phones still work?  We think they do, but if you’ve never seen one like these kids, it would…


Wednesday, August 27, 201408/27/2014

VIDEO: Sofa doesn’t fit in car

No matter how you turn this sofa, chances are it’s not going into this car.  But hey, free furniture.

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Today in entertainment history: Oct. 2


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Jimmy Kimmel is the Internet’s most dangerous man


Searching for the late-night comedian may be hazardous to your hard drive.

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‘Rush Hour’ could be headed to the small screen


The series will reportedly follow the style of the movies.

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‘Twilight’ saga returning with short films


The blockbuster vampire franchise is set to return, this time in a short film format.

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Amal Alamuddin enters fashion pantheon as Clooney’s bride


With help from high-end designers, the new Mrs. George Clooney vaulted to the top of Hollywood fashion.