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Wednesday, February 20, 201302/20/2013

Oh no, he’s out!

Watch the weather man, he’s going to pass out.


Wednesday, February 20, 201302/20/2013

In a hurry? This will get you there FAST.

We like any vehicle referred to as a ‘shine runner’s dream.’  Check out the new Jeep Grand Cherokee.

eating fries

Wednesday, February 20, 201302/20/2013

Foods to avoid before working out

It’s bad to exercise on an empty stomach and eating the wrong thing before a workout can also cause problems. …


Tuesday, February 19, 201302/19/2013

Ladder + Interstate = Pile up

Check out what happens when a ladder on I-40 caused some big problems but thankfully no major injuries.

dog pee zone

Tuesday, February 19, 201302/19/2013

Bad Dog, Good Art?

An artist is getting a lot of attention for a 28 ft tall dog sculpture outside a museum lifting his…

text in bed

Monday, February 18, 201302/18/2013

Are you guilty of “sleep-texting?”

Texting while you’re drifting off to sleep is probably not a good idea, but it’s on the rise among teens…

buckeye leaf

Monday, February 18, 201302/18/2013

“This little old lady is no drug dealer.”

That’s what Bonnie Jonas-Boggioni told police in TN when they didn’t know the difference between a pot symbol and Ohio…

hand over mouth

Monday, February 18, 201302/18/2013

Oops, that’s not what I meant.

Has anyone ever misunderstood what you were saying?  It can get ugly.  Here’s some examples of translations gone wrong.


Friday, February 15, 201302/15/2013

The Sky is Falling!

Did you hear the one about the 10-ton meteor that exploded over Russia?  Check out these amazing videos.

rat terrier

Friday, February 15, 201302/15/2013

Cool Cop Saves Cujo

He shut down a busy highway to save a dog.  Folks that care about critters are the best!

Entertainment News

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Today in entertainment history: April 16


A look at the Hollywood headlines of years past.

yesterday in Entertainment

Hilary Duff to star in first TV series in a decade


Hilary Duff will star in a new comedy from the man behind "Sex and the City."

yesterday in Entertainment

Apparently nobody watched the ‘Mad Men’ premiere


Well, some people watched, but it wasn't the audience AMC had hoped for.

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Today in entertainment history: April 15


A look back at the memorable moments that happened in Hollywood.

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$120 buys your way into ‘Sharknado’ sequel


Producers are giving fans a rare chance to be a part of a scene involving "sharks and chainsaws."