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Tuesday, July 16, 201307/16/2013

Flash headlights, get a ticket!

What if you want to warn others about police ahead?  You better check out this story first.

vid text firing

Tuesday, July 16, 201307/16/2013

Fired via text, not cool

These employees at a Florida restaurant found out on July 4th from a TEXT message that they no longer had…

vid carly pitch

Monday, July 15, 201307/15/2013

Worst first pitch ever!

They said she did a good job in the warm ups, but the performance pressure must have messed her up.

vid hula tire

Monday, July 15, 201307/15/2013

Man hula hoops 100 lb tire

Do you have hula hoop skills?  This guy set a record.

vid jake owen split

Tuesday, June 25, 201306/25/2013

Jake Owen splits pants…whoops!

Jake was into the Van Halen cover “Jump” but next time he may not be so willing to demonstrate.

vid monkey bites cop

Tuesday, June 25, 201306/25/2013

Monkey surprises cop

A traffic stop turns into a monkey bite for an officer in TX.  Check out the video.

vid weather spider

Tuesday, June 25, 201306/25/2013

Spider invades weather forecast

This meteorologist is startled and runs from a spider that is on the weather camera.  Scared people are funny.

vid car crashing rest

Monday, June 24, 201306/24/2013

Car crashes into restaurant and customers

This happened in Melbourne, Australia.  The driver was a 57 year old man with three times the legal limit of…


Monday, June 24, 201306/24/2013

Fletch’s Fashion Icon, Uncle Si

Fletch has actually had this shirt awhile mainly because he believes he looks just like Tom Selleck, BUT he’s connected with his…

f&b eating cookie

Friday, June 21, 201306/21/2013

Watermelon Oreo gets good reviews

We had our co-workers taste test the new Watermelon Oreo, sold exclusively at Target.  Overall, folks like them.  Fletch likes…

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