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Thursday, November 6, 201411/06/2014

VIDEO: All About That (Horse) Bass

This horse keeps better time than lots of people we know.  It’s a dance off between this lady and the…


Wednesday, November 5, 201411/05/2014

VIDEO: News anchor dances

His co-anchor is less than impressed at his moves, but at least he’s having fun.  Dance like nobody’s watching!


Wednesday, November 5, 201411/05/2014

VIDEO: Tom Brokaw’s urgent call?

His alarm on his phone starts going off in the middle of the MSNBC election coverage.  You have to love…


Wednesday, November 5, 201411/05/2014

VIDEO: Parents punk kids on candy

Jimmy Kimmel causes a lot of chaos when he has parents pretend to eat ALL of their kids Halloween candy.


Tuesday, November 4, 201411/04/2014

VIDEO: Political madness 2

These ads are creative.


Tuesday, November 4, 201411/04/2014

VIDEO: Political madness

Creative political ads doesn’t get old.


Tuesday, November 4, 201411/04/2014

VIDEO: Married on a plane

Thankfully frequent flyer miles made this possible.  A very unique ceremony.


Friday, October 31, 201410/31/2014

VIDEO: Deer with a doughnut

You don’t see this every day fly fishing.  A deer with a powdered doughnut stuck on his antler.  Warning:  some…


Thursday, October 30, 201410/30/2014

VIDEO: Porcupine and pumpkins

It’s your Daily Dose of Disgustingly Cute.  His name is Teddy Bear.  He likes pumpkins.


Wednesday, October 29, 201410/29/2014

VIDEO: Remember the Operation game?

What a way to calm your nerves, with a relaxing game of Operation! Turns out the fellow that invented this…

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