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flag guy

Friday, June 14, 201306/14/2013

15 Funny Photos from Patriotic Folks

These people may be more patriotic than you.  We could all learn a thing or two.  Check out the photos…

vid tv dads

Friday, June 14, 201306/14/2013

Classic TV Dad Advice

1. PRIDE: Andy Taylor of “The Andy Griffith Show” We’re guessing Ron Howard gets more than a quarter for his…

vid alabama fan

Friday, June 14, 201306/14/2013

He REALLY doesn’t like TN

Hear how this Alabama fan feels about the Vols.

vid seeing eye dog

Thursday, June 13, 201306/13/2013

Guide Dog Saves Trainers

These guide dog trainers are working with this dog, one person is wearing a blindfold and the other is watching…

sushi rest 1

Wednesday, June 12, 201306/12/2013

No more tipping?

Would you pay more at a restaurant instead of having to tip?  This trend works in other countries but will…

vid killer whale

Wednesday, June 12, 201306/12/2013

Killer whale surprise

This whale surprises these fishermen and steals their bait.

vid craig ff 1

Tuesday, June 11, 201306/11/2013

More on Craig Morgan helping at accident

Craig was on Fox and Friends earlier speaking about what happened when he and his crew came upon a wreck…

vid logan tormnado

Tuesday, June 11, 201306/11/2013

Tornado Video from Logan County

Praise God everyone was safe.  Please pray for these folks from Bailey’s home county as they clean up and rebuild. …

vid base jump hit

Tuesday, June 11, 201306/11/2013

Base jumper hits side of hotel

Fortunately, she only had a few cuts from this incident.  Wow!

vid 12 yrold anthem

Monday, June 10, 201306/10/2013

She’s only 12? That’s talent!

She has been singing the national anthem at Heats games for 2 years, but she rocked it this past weekend. …

Entertainment News

in Entertainment

‘The Best Man’ set for ‘threequel’


The new film appears to pick up from news Howard's character drops at the end of the "The Best Man Holiday," which was released last November.

in Entertainment

Will Ferrell bringing ‘Manimal’ to big screen


The "Anchorman" star and his producing partner are planning another feature film.

in Entertainment

Batman Day honors 75 years of the Dark Knight


DC Comics marks 75 years of Gotham's top crime-fighter today.

in Entertainment

Today in entertainment history: July 23


A look at the Hollywood headlines that went down in history.

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Stay Puft Marshmallow Man ruins your favorite movie


Again, the internet proved it's awesomeness with #AddAPuftRuinAMovie. These are some of our favorites!