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dog train

Thursday, April 11, 201304/11/2013

Dog saved after being tied to train track.

First, if you have an unwanted animal FIND A SHELTER TO TAKE THEM!  It’s hard to believe someone would actually…

48th Annual ACM Awards

Wednesday, April 10, 201304/10/2013

Luke Bryan wants to thank you!

The ACM Entertainer of the Year is very grateful to his fans.

scientist silly

Wednesday, April 10, 201304/10/2013

8 Brilliant Scientific Screw-ups…Oops.

You can see the list here.  Evidently we really do learn from our mistakes and have had some great advances…


Wednesday, April 10, 201304/10/2013

Uncle Si’s I-pod selections

Loving the new season of Duck Dynasty but here’s some classic Si singing the hits to make your day better.


Tuesday, April 9, 201304/09/2013

Blake Shelton the Minister?

He’ll pronounce Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock husband and wife at their wedding soon.  So is Blake qualified for this? …

bride surprised

Tuesday, April 9, 201304/09/2013

Groom’s Surprise Wedding!

This bride thinks she’s dressed for her official wedding pictures to be taken months before the wedding.  Surprise!  The groom…

poodle puppy

Tuesday, April 9, 201304/09/2013

A Bumpkin Strikes Again…with Poodles?

An Argentine man sure had the wool pulled over his eyes (pun intended) when someone sold him ferrets instead of…


Tuesday, April 9, 201304/09/2013

What’s your hidden talent?

Some of you have skills that your people might not even know about.  Share those talents with Fletch & Bailey…

deer two field

Monday, April 8, 201304/08/2013

You fight like a doe!

Two bucks box it out in a park in South Dakota.  Over a doe probably.  Boys will be boys.

airport sign

Friday, April 5, 201304/05/2013

California Police Officer 1, TSA 0

This off duty CA cop saves the day after a woman refused TSA’s orders to put out her cigarette and…

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Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter, wrongly convicted of murder, dead


The boxer's imprisonment, and battle to free him, are immortalized in the Bob Dylan song "Hurricane" and the film of the same name, starring Denzel Washington.

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REVIEW: Johnny Depp and crew fail at ‘Transcendence’

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Johnny Depp falls short of greatness in his latest film, but at least it's not "Lone Ranger."

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