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vid geico camel

Wednesday, September 18, 201309/18/2013

Video: Hump DAY, yeah! Remix

Here’s Bailey’s new favorite song!  Now you can groove to the Geico Camel’s love of Wednesday.

hands no sign

Wednesday, September 18, 201309/18/2013

Take back your computer from Miley Cyrus

YES, you can block any mention of her online!  If you want to give it a whirl here’s the link…

vid bmw smash

Tuesday, September 17, 201309/17/2013

Ever wanted to bash your car?

This fellow was tired of getting the run around about his BMW from the company and the dealer.  So to get…

clown mad creepy

Tuesday, September 17, 201309/17/2013

Creepy Clown in town

Here’s the story, a freaky clown that appeared in a British town on Friday the 13th and has been hanging around…

carrie sing mic

Tuesday, September 17, 201309/17/2013

Carrie’s “Sound of Music” Photo

Love Carrie and she will surely do a great job as Maria von Trapp in NBC’s live production of “The…

football 1

Friday, September 13, 201309/13/2013

Robertson & Bradshaw together again in football

Louisiana Tech honors the former quarterbacks Terry Bradshaw and Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson in a recent game.  Here’s the fellows…

dog lab and boy

Friday, September 13, 201309/13/2013

Family dog reveals abusive babysitter

God bless our devoted pets!  A dog didn’t like the babysitter and parents decided to hide a camera to see…

nicole kidman 1

Friday, September 13, 201309/13/2013

Nicole knocked over by photographer on bike

Nicole Kidman had an actual run in with a member of the paparazzi after he knocked her down while riding…


Thursday, September 12, 201309/12/2013

Found Dog

This fellow was hanging outside our studio window watching the deer in the field and Bailey finally won him over…

vid books of bible

Wednesday, September 11, 201309/11/2013

VIDEO: 4yr old recites books of Bible with a twist

Just keep watching.  It’s worth it.

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Want to smell like Tara Reid? No? Well now you can anyway


Because everyone wants to smell like a B-list star battling sharks in an low-budget sci-fi film, there's "Shark by Tara."

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‘Sharknado 2′ sparks feeding frenzy on Twitter, sets record


Flying sharks chomping through NYC drew a record audience for Syfy network and became the most tweeted-about TV movie in history.

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REVIEW: ‘Get On Up’ won’t let James Brown fans down

This image released by Universal Pictures shows Chadwick Boseman, right, and Dan Aykroyd in a scene from "Get On Up."

It ain't braggin' if you back it up, and James Brown, warts and all, was one of the most important musical and cultural figures of the 20th century.

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Today in entertainment history: Aug. 1


A look at the Hollywood headlines that made history.

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Lorde curating ‘Hunger Games’ soundtrack


The 17-year-old pop star is recording a single for the third installment of the franchise.