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Friday, August 15, 201408/15/2014

VIDEO: 4 yr old distraught over deleted photo

Sometimes we learn lessons the hard way and this little girl had to find out that a deleted photo of her…


Thursday, August 14, 201408/14/2014

VIDEO: Taylor Swift on “EW”

Here’s part of Taylor’s performance as “Natalie” on the Tonight Show’s “Ew” segment with Jimmy Fallon.


Thursday, August 14, 201408/14/2014

VIDEO: Door opening cat

You may have seen similar situations where a cat opens a door, even one more complicated with a round knob…


Thursday, August 14, 201408/14/2014

VIDEO: Cop dance off with kids

A resident captured a Kansas City Police officer displaying his “best” moves in a dance-off with neighborhood children.  That’s his BEST?? …


Wednesday, August 13, 201408/13/2014

VIDEO: Audrey McGraw sings! Tim & Faith’s girl

She’s been doing some live performances before her dad Tim McGraw’s show on the “Sundown Heaventown” tour.  Audrey McGraw got…


Wednesday, August 13, 201408/13/2014

VIDEO: Taylor Swift on Tonight show

Tonight Taylor will be on the show and bring out her inner geek for the “Ew Natalie” segment with Jimmy…


Wednesday, August 13, 201408/13/2014

VIDEO: Cop saves woman from choking

Kalamazoo, MI – Kalamazoo Public Safety Officer Jason Gates is being hailed a hero after saving the life of a…


Wednesday, August 13, 201408/13/2014

VIDEO: Son buys Mom dream car

This mom’s reaction to her son’s gift is priceless.


Tuesday, August 12, 201408/12/2014

VIDEO: Biker cop’s crazy driving skills

A motorcycle cop riding an extremely tight cone course.  And you thought your driver’s test was a challenge.


Tuesday, August 12, 201408/12/2014

VIDEO: Robin Williams, one of many moments

Whether he made you laugh or cry, he was the best at his craft.

Entertainment News

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Woman convicted of stalking ‘Orange is the New Black’ star


Jeanine Heller, who has been stalking the actress for months, has been sentenced to 45 days behind bars.

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More clues point to an all-girl ‘Ghostbusters’


Director Paul Feig has teased fans with his latest "Ghostbusters" casting coup.

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Star-studded cast bringing back ‘Wet Hot American Summer’


Bradley Cooper, Elizabeth Banks, and Paul Rudd will officially reprise their roles from the 2001 cult comedy.

in Entertainment, Sports

Chocolate maker trolls Patriots with ‘deflated football’ candy


The chocolate football with a big dent in its side is good enough to (ch)eat!

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Chris Pratt the favorite to take on ‘Indiana Jones’ remake


The "Guardians of the Galaxy" star is the latest frontrunner to lead a planned Disney remake.