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vid ohio marching band

Monday, October 21, 201310/21/2013

VIDEO: Buckeye’s tribute to Michael Jackson

Ohio State University Marching Band is at it again.  This year’s halftime show was a tribute to King of Pop.

oreo bite

Wednesday, October 16, 201310/16/2013

Oreo’s the new cocaine

Evidently, Oreos affect the brain similar to cocaine.  Well, that explains a lot.  Here’s more on the story from the…

vid train vs car

Tuesday, October 15, 201310/15/2013

VIDEO: Woman gets hit by 2 trains, survives

She was running from the law, when a train stopped her.  As the police officer was checking on her in…

vid bass boat lightening

Tuesday, October 15, 201310/15/2013

VIDEO: Bass boat barely misses lightening

Wow, glad nobody was killed.

vid draw bridge

Tuesday, October 15, 201310/15/2013

VIDEO: Woman stuck on draw bridge

First, this isn’t a pedestrian bridge, so she’s somewhere she wasn’t supposed to be and second, HAHAHAHAHA, she must feel…

vid carrie movie prank

Wednesday, October 9, 201310/09/2013

VIDEO: “Carrie” movie prank at coffee shop

Customers in a Manhattan coffee shop were scared when an elaborate scheme to make them think another angry patron had…

vid machete clerk

Wednesday, October 9, 201310/09/2013

VIDEO: Don’t bring a gun to a machete fight

This criminal got a surprise when the clerk in this store wasn’t having any of the robbery or the gun…

vid taylor red

Tuesday, October 8, 201310/08/2013

VIDEO: Taylor’s Red Tour week in Nashville

Check out the shows at the Bridgestone Arena with Taylor Swift’s special guests Luke Bryan, Rascal Flatts and Hunter Hayes. …

happy birthday

Tuesday, October 8, 201310/08/2013

Happy METH Birthday to you…

An elderly couple got quite a surprise from a birthday card in the mail that also contained a bag of…

100 benjamin

Tuesday, October 8, 201310/08/2013

New money on the streets today

‘It’s all about the Benjamins…’ and a make over.  Another attempt to deter forgery and counterfeiting with a new look…

Entertainment News

today in Entertainment

REVIEW: Cast keeps ‘Heaven Is for Real’ grounded

This image released by Sony Pictures shows Connor Corum, left, and Greg Kinnear in a scene from "Heaven Is For Real."

Based on the true story described in the best-selling book, the film introduces us to a four year old boy who says he went to heaven.

today in Entertainment

Could we soon see ‘Mrs. Doubtfire 2?’


This could be the sequel we've been waiting for.

today in Entertainment

Amy Poehler and Will Arnett officially file for divorce


Though they've been separated since 2012, we're sad to see one of Hollywood's funniest couples split.

today in Entertainment

‘Hobbit’ star found guilty in drug case


Actor Mikael Persbrandt has been sentenced to five months in jail for buying cocaine.

today in Entertainment

‘X-Men’ director accused of drugging, raping teen


The lawsuit - filed weeks before the release of "X-Men: Days of Future Past" - alleges the director sexually assaulted a teen boy.